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Professional Pet Sitting Las Vegas, NV Services – Gals On The Go

Gals On The Go is a reliable pet sitting, and doggy day care service provider in the area of Las Vegas, Nevada. Our services provide the best personal attention to the pet, while taking away the stress from the owner. To keep you informed, we’ll text you daily. No matter which service you choose, your pet will be in caring, capable hands.

Please note that all payments are due in full before service begins.

Why You Should Use GalsGo As Your Reliable Pet Sitter

When you hire a professional pet sitter, both you and your pet benefit in many different ways. In fact, there are so many rewards to gain from such a service in Las Vegas, Nevada that you may wonder how you've managed without it! Forgo all the stress and worry about leaving a pet for the day or extended trip, by using our overnight house sitting, dog day care and pet sitting las vegas services.

There are various benefits to hiring our services:

  • With in-home care, pets stay in their secure, safe, familiar environment, surrounded by the comforting sounds, sights, and smells of their home.
  • Their regular exercise routine, diet, and medication intake are undisturbed, eliminating undue stress for anxious, postsurgical, and senior pets.
  • Pet parents can rest assured knowing there is a pro on-site that can handle any emergency, be it with the pet or house.
  • Ease the stress of separation with a pet sitter's undivided attention which includes play time and lots of snuggles.
  • Maintain or establish a healthy daily routine to ensure good health and well-being.

For pet parents, you'll be glad to know there are lots of perks for you too!

  • Hiring a pro GalsGo sitter means not having to worry if someone is properly caring for your pet. For a pet sitter, this isn't just a job, but also a labor of love.
  • Pet sitters can handle anything pet-related, such as vet visits, grooming appointments, and outings, giving you the confidence that your pet is in good hands.
  • There's no need to call in favors from friends or impose on family members that may not be able to stick to a fixed schedule.
  • Our pet sitting las vegas service grants you the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that someone trustworthy is around to ensure your home is secure at all times as well as handle any matter that may arise.

Having Pet Visits In Your Home

We provide your pet with food & water, and dogs get walked and cleaned. Aside from these necessary tasks, pets also get lots of love and attention. We also include: mail/newspaper, lights, garbage, and water your plants. Plus, you will have the luxury of someone looking after the security of your home. We keep a journal of each visit and will text you with daily updates. We charge $22 per visit (1 to 4 visits per day).

The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Pet Sitter In Las Vegas

For your benefit, there are plenty of advantages to hiring a professional pet sitter in Las Vegas, be it a teeny hamster, a cat, or a massive dog:

  • Maintain or establish a healthy routine
  • Daily exercise
  • Socialization
  • Having play time
  • Shed a few pounds
  • Drain excess energy
  • Dogs get their much-needed walks

When you hire a professional dog walker, you';re helping both you and your beloved canine companion. Suddenly, there's no need to rush back and forth from home and work because there's a reliable pet care pro to check-up on your pet, rain or shine. Regardless of the weather, your pooch or cat will get the walk and exercise they need, and you won't have to feel guilty about leaving them home all day.

Pet Sleep-Overs In Your Home

Your babies need a bed buddy? Our sleep-over is a 12 hour visit which includes dinner, sleep, and breakfast, and a walk. For this service, our rates are $70 per night. Add an extra $20 and get daytime visits ($90/24 hours).

Please note that all payments are due in full before service begins, and all fees are subject to change without notice.

Gals On The Go Also Offers:

  • Hotel Pet Sitting- $20 per hour, 2 Hour Minimum
  • Holiday services additional - $10 charge.

The Do’s and Don’ts Your Pet Sitter Needs to Know

Our doggy day care services provide pet parents with an alternative to kennel boarding. This in- home service is an excellent option for pets that need additional care and attention, a less- stressful experience for senior pets, pets with medical issues, or those that suffer from anxiety.

While you're away, your pet sitter will need the following information:

Emergency Contact: Your cell number or contact information in case there is a question or an emergency. Also, the contact info for a backup person, as well as your pet's veterinary hospital, is necessary should it be impossible to reach you while you're away.

Diet And Allergies: Aside from the usual pet food, you'll need to inform your sitter of any allergies. Some pets follow a special diet if they have allergies or a health problem, but you'll also need to notify the sitter of any special feeding instructions. Stock your pantry beforehand to make sure there's no shortage.

Medication: Ensure there is ample medication for the sitter. Print out a detailed list and clearly mark the dosage(s) and time(s).

Daily Routine and Exercise: To make sure your pet gets enough exercise, talk to your sitter about their daily requirements. For dogs, give the sitter an idea of their energy levels and how many times to walk them. Don't forget to provide them with a map of some good dog walking spots like dog runs and dog-friendly parks.

  • Proudly serving the Las Vegas, Green Valley and Henderson Nevada areas.
  • Member of Best Friends Animal Society, SPCA, Emergency Animal Rescue Service, United Animal Nation, Pet Sit USA, SNAPPS, Professional United Pet Sitters. We are Pet FIRST AID/CPR certified.

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